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The game did not technically end until the enemy's gate was entered in such a manner (unless every member of the opposing army was incapacitated), though after Ender Wiggin was confronted with two armies at once and exploited the enemy gate to win, the rules were changed so that all opponents must be frozen prior to passing through the enemy's gate. [2] Spoiler warning: Plot details follow , source: Souftu Incident (The Steve Douton Chronicles). It corresponds to the declaration of the alert phase. See also search and rescue incident classification, subpart b. incident may be classified or progress, according to the seriousness of the incident and its requirement for rescue service. a. uncertainty phase — Doubt exists as to the lack of information concerning progress or position. b. alert phase — Apprehension information concerning progress or position. c. distress phase — Immediate position after procedures for the alert phase have been executed. search and rescue region — See inland search and rescue region; maritime search and rescue region; overseas search and rescue region. searched channel — (*) In naval mine warfare, the whole or part of a route or a path which has been searched, swept, or hunted, the width of the channel being specified. search jammer — See automatic search jammer. search mission — (*) In air operations, an air reconnaissance by one or more aircraft dispatched to locate an object or objects known or suspected to be in a specific area. search radius — In search and rescue operations, a radius centered on a datum point having greater than 50 percent probability that the target is in the search area. search sweeping — (*) In naval mine warfare, the operation of sweeping a sample of route or area to determine whether poised mines are present. and outsized breakbulk cargo that will not fit into containers , source:
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