Hogwarts, Narnia, and Middle Earth: Places Upon a Time

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See West, Michelle Sailing to Sarantium (Kay) 188 “Sail On! Cela n'empêche pas les éditeurs de continuer à publier une science-fiction purement distractive. A. 86, 119, 146, 303–305 Sandman series (Gaiman) 126–127 Sangster, Jimmy 70 Santa’s Twin (Koontz) 195 Sarban (John William Wall) 305 “Sardonicus” (Russell) 305–306 Sargent, Carl 314 Sarrantonio, Al 306–307 “Satan and Sam Shay” (Arthur) 307 The Satanist (Wheatley) 378 Satan’s Love Child (McNaughton) 238 Satan’s Mistress (McNaughton) 238 Satan’s Seductress (McNaughton) 238 Satan’s Surrogate (McNaughton) 238 Saul, John 192, 237, 307–308 Saxon, Peter 308–309 The Scar (Miéville) 240 Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann 309–310 Scenting Hallowed Blood (Constantine) 64 Scent of Magic (Norton) 260 “The Scent of Vinegar” (Bloch) 27, 310 “Schalken the Painter” (Le Fanu) 47, 210 The School (Wright) 392 Schow, David J. 310–311 Schweitzer, Darrell 214 The Science of Power (Emerson) 107 Scion of Cyador (Modesitt) 242 “Scoop Makes a Swirly” (Schow) 311 Scott, Allan 293 The Scream (Skipp & Spector) 325 The Screwtape Letters (Lewis) 213, 311 The Sea-King’s Daughter (Michaels) 240 Sea King trilogy (Springer) 334 The Searing (Coyne) 70 Season of Sacrifice (Klasky) 193 “Seasons of Belief” (Bishop) 311–312 The Ship from Atlantis (Munn) 251 Ship of Dreams (Lumley) 223 The Ship of Ishtar (Merritt) 239 The Ships of Air (Wells) 375 Shirley, John 318–319 “Shottle Bop” (Sturgeon) 319 The Shroud (Coyne) 70 Shroud of Shadow (Baudino) 17 “The Shunned House” (Lovecraft) 319–320 Shwartz, Susan M. 172, 260, 320–321 Sight Unseen (Neiderman) 254 “The Signalman” (Dickens) 321 Sign for the Sacred (Constantine) 64 The Silent Strength of Stones (Hoffman) 164 The Silmarillion (Tolkien) 188, 321–322, 353 Silva, David B., “The Calling” 44–45 Silverberg, Robert, Majipoor Series 228 The Silver Chair (Lewis) 57, 322 Silver John series (Wellman) 28, 373–374 Silverlock (Myers) 322–323 The Silverlock Companion (Lerner) 322 Silver on the Tree (Cooper) 67 The Silver Skull (Daniels) 77 The Silver Spike (Cook) 65 The Silver Stallion (Cabell) 42 Silver Wolf, Black Falcon (McKiernan) 235 Simmons, Dan 94, 323–324 Dying in Bangkok 100–101 Sing the Four Quarters (Huff) 171 Sins of the Blood (Rusch) 298 Sister, Sister (Neiderman) 255 Sister Light, Sister Dark (Yolen) 397 The Six Messiahs (Frost) 216 Six of Swords (Douglas) 91 1610: A Sundial in a Grave (Gentle) 131 “Skeleton” (Bradbury) 32, 324 Skeletons (Sarrantonio) 306 Skin (Knaak) 195 Skipp, John 102, 140, 264, 324–325, 387 Skull (Hutson) 172 “The Skull of the Marquis De Sade” (Bloch) 27, 325–326 Sleapeasy (Wright) 393 Sleator, William 326 Sleeping in Flame (Carroll) 47 The Sleep of Stone (Cooper) 67 Sleep Tight (Costello) 68 Sleepwalk (Saul) 308 “Slime” (Brennan) 36, 326–327 “The Small Assassin” (Bradbury) 32, 327 Smedman, Lisa 313, 314 Smire: An Acceptance in the Third Person (Cabell) 42 Smirt: An Urbane Nightmare (Cabell) 42 Smith: A Sylvan Interlude (Cabell) 42 Smith, Clark Ashton 75, 156, 238, 327–328, 362 “The Abominations of Yondo” 2 “The City of the Singing Flame” 58 “The Monster of the Prophecy” 243–244 “Rendezvous in Averoigne” 287–288 “Ubbo-Sathla” 356 Smith, Dean Wesley 297 Smith, Guy 172, 328–329 Smith, L.

Pages: 124

Publisher: Drinian Press (August 1, 2007)

ISBN: 0978516567

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