Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman

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The children visit the underworld in search of their friend Roger and his missing father, but the outcome is not what they hoped for. Perhaps even more unsettling is the porthole in the cabin, which opens and locks itself in place even when firmly closed. This can be clearly seen in an early example of photography in trade advertising for A Message From Mars.’ The focus in this poster is on star and narrative information. Most notably, the British writers tended to minimize the role of individual "heroes", took an "evolutionary perspective", held a bleak view of the future, and had little interest in space as a new frontier.

Pages: 561

Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1 Reprint edition (October 23, 2008)

ISBN: B001J3U232

There are many rumors about the structure, supposedly home to an ageless entity who speaks to the mist and looks into other worlds, but no one has ever seen the tenant ref.: A Song for Arbonne (Kay) 188 Song for the Basilisk (McKillip) 236 Song of Albion series (Lawhead) 205 The Song of Kali (Simmons) 323 Song of Sorcery (Scarborough) 309 Song of Susannah (King) 79 Songs of a Dead Dreamer (Ligotti) 214 The Sonja Blue Series (Collins) 332–333 Son of Darkness (Sherman) 317 Son of Rosemary (Levin) 295 Son of the Endless Night (Farris) 114 The Sorcerer’s Gun (Gardner) 128 Sorcerer’s Lady trilogy (Volsky) 365 Sorcerer’s Legacy (Wurts) 393 Sorcerers of Majipoor (Silverberg) 228 The Sorcerer’s Treason (Zelazny) 400 The Sorceress and the Cygnet (McKillip) 236 The Soulforge (Weis) 373 Soul of An Angel (Yarbro) 395 The Soul of Melicent (Cabell) 41 Soulsmith (Deitz) 83 Soulstorm (Williamson) 381 The Sound of His Horn (Sarban) 305 The Sound of Midnight (Grant) 140 The Source (Lumley) 223 Southshore (Tepper) 347 So You Want to Be a Wizard? (Duane) 96–97 Spawn (Hutson) 172 Spearwielder’s trilogy (Salvatore) 304 Specialist series (Saxon) 308, 309 Spector, Caroline 314 Spector, Craig 102, 140, 264, 324–325 Spectre (Laws) 206 A Spell for Chameleon (Anthony) 8–9, 333 The Spell of a Black Dagger (Watt-Evans) 371 Spellsinger series (Modesitt) 242 The Spellsinger Series (Foster) 333–334 Spence, Walter 216 Spencer, William Browning 288 Spiral series (Rohan) 293 The Spirit House (Sleator) 326 Spooksville series (Pike) 275 Springer, Nancy 334–335 Sreambuilder (Deitz) 83 “Sredni Vashtar” (Saki) 335, 351 Stableford, Brian M. 256, 335–336, 369 Stackpole, Michael 313 Stage Fright (McNally) 238 The Stake (Laymon) 207 Stalking Tender Prey (Constantine) 64 Stallman, Robert 336 The Stand (King) 162, 191, 234 Stardust (Gaiman) 127 The Star Scroll (Rawn) 286 Starshield Sentinels (Weis & Hickman) 373 Star Shone duo (Stasheff) 337 Tailchaser’s Song (Williams) 381 Tain (Frost) 124–125 The Tain (Miéville) 241 The Taking (Koontz) 196 Taking Flight (Watt-Evans) 371 Talbot, Hake 265 The Tale of the Body Thief (Rice) 290 Tales from Earthsea (Le Guin) 211 The Talisman (Aycliffe) 13 The Talisman (King & Straub) 191, 340 Talisman duo (Douglas) 91–92 Talking to Dragons (Wrede) 391 Taltos series (Brust) 38–39 Tam Lin (Dean) 80 Tanequil (Brooks) 38 The Tangled Lands (Shetterly) 317 A Tapestry of Dark Souls (Bergstrom) 21 Tarot trilogy (Anthony) 9 Tarr, Judith 345–346, 357 Tartan Magic series (Yolen) 397 Tasmin (Beagle) 19 Tawny Man series (Hobb) 162 Taylor, Keith 169, 262 Teacher’s Pet (Neiderman) 254 Tea with the Black Dragon (MacAvoy) 226 Tehanu (Le Guin) 211 “The Tell-Tale Heart” (Poe) 346 The Temper of Wisdom (Abbey) 1 The Templar Treasure (Kurtz & Harris) 199 Tempter (Collins) 61 Tempus trilogy (Morris) 247–248 Tenn, William 244 Tepper, Sheri S. 346–347 A Terrible Beauty (Masterton) 232 The Terror (Machen) 227 “The Terror of Blue John Gap” (Doyle) 347–348 Tessier, Thomas 348 Test of the Twins (Weis & Hickman) 372 The Tetralogist (Lee & Wright) 208 “That Hell-Bound Train” (Bloch) 27, 349 That Hideous Strength (Lewis) 213 That Very Mab (Lang & Kendall) 203 There Are Doors (Wolfe) 388 Thessalonica (Turtledove) 356 “They Bite” (Boucher) 349–350 They Thirst (McCammon) 233 Thieves’ World series 2, 34, 94, 247, 248, 262 “The Thing in the Cellar” (Keller) 350 Thinner (McCammon) 235 This Rough Magic (Lackey, Freer, & Flint) 202 Thomas, Thomas T. 399 Thomas the Rhymer (Kushner) 199 Thompson, Ruth Plumly 350–351 Thorn (Saberhagen) 300, 301 Thorpe, Gav 370 Those Who Hunt the Night (Hambly) 151 The Thread That Ties the Bones (Hoffman) 164 The Three Damosels (Chapman) 52 The Three Imposters (Machen) 227 Threshold (Le Guin) 211 Through the Looking Glass (Carroll) 4, 48, 351 “Thus I Refute Beelzy” (Collier) 350, 351–352 Ticktock (Koontz) 196 Tigana (Kay) 188 “Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man’s Back” (Lansdale) 352 Till We Have Faces (Lewis) 213 Time-Kept Promises (O’Day-Flannery) 262 Timeless Passion (O’Day-Flannery) 261 The Time Machine (Wells) 163 Time Master trilogy (Cooper) 67 A Time of Justice (Kerr) 190 Time of the Annihilator (Morressey) 247 Time of the Twins (Weis & Hickman) 372 The Tin Woodman of Oz (Baum) 387 “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” (Borges) 352–353 To Green Angel Tower (Williams) 381 To Light a Candle (Lackey & Mallory) 202 Tolkien, Christopher 188 Tolkien, J
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