What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

This answer may vary depending on what you need help with. Make sure that you bring any documents or information that you think would help you explain your situation to one of our attorneys. If you have questions, please call our office and someone can let you know more specifics: 541-686-4890.

Why is there a $50 fee for the first meeting with an attorney?

We charge a small fee for the initial consultation for several reasons. One such reason is to make sure that our attorneys’ time is well spent. The consultation fee makes sure that people are serious about our help. Although we are here to help the public and our community, we need to charge a fee to maintain our services. Remember, each hour we give to your first meeting is time we could be devoting to another client’s case.

How does Access work with Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO)?

LASO has specific guidelines as to who it can represent, including limits on income and conflicts of interest. We accept numerous referrals from LASO of people who do not financially qualify for their services, or if LASO is unable to take them as a client because of a conflict with the other people involved in the potential case.

Does Access only help moderate to low-income people?

No. We service a wide array of people. We base our fees on the federal poverty guidelines, and discount our base fee accordingly. A staff attorney can help you identify if you are eligible for a discount. Call to learn more about our sliding scale fee structure and how we can help you: 541-686-4890.

Why is Access a non-profit?

There are many benefits for a non-profit organization, especially one like Access that seeks to offer full-fare services at a discounted rate. In order for Access to thrive, our status as a non-profit allows us to both accept donations (offering the donor a tax incentive) and apply for grant funds to support our work.

How does Access impact the efficiency of the court system?

Our dedication to providing legal services to all members of the community, along with our fee structure, allows more people to access an attorney to resolve their problems. The legal guidance of our staff attorney helps clients abide by deadlines, formalities, and rules. As a result, we hope to support the economic efficiency of the justice system while reducing the number of pro se litigants in our court systems.

How can I help Access and its mission?

As a non-profit, Access the Law relies on fees, donations, and grants for its main sources of funding. We also rely on volunteers to help us in the above areas.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the Access Volunteer Team or in supporting our goals with financial contributions, please contact us!

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